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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.

In future daily posts, the focus will be on “The Communist Party of China at 100” but today a look at Biden, Trump + the uncertain position of the US going forward.

US/UK democracies pride themselves on “One Man One Vote” – understandably because it was a battle won in past centuries against the absolute power of the UK Monarchy, feudal landlords + over-strong capitalists. But the strength of Western democracy contains a weakness – it suffers from short-termism as political rivals vie for government power every 4/5 years.

Looking at the US today, there is – for some – relief that Biden beat Trump in November 2020 – a relief tempered by two factors; – first, the 74m votes that Trump garnered in the Election, and, second, uncertainty as to whether Trump (or a follower espousing his views) can win in November 2024. It is more than political speculation – it has real consequences for world politics going forward.

How close can Western Europe (WE) + NATO allow themselves to get to Biden?  Do they have room for independence if Trump returns? Is it in the interests of WE/NATO to join in Biden’s hard-line rejection of China going forward – a policy pursued by Biden, in part, to blunt a “you’re soft” attack by Trump?

China watches + observes as its Party’s second century of power approaches. The Party will be studying Mao Testung’s On Contradiction for guidance as to how best to analyse the build-up of US/UK/WE political tensions re China. Chatham House in London will be equally busy.

Ps. Keep an eye on rising tensions in the S China Sea

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