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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
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“We Chinese Taikonauts now have a long-term home in orbit,” said Nie Haisheng, Head of China’s Three-Man Crew who recently commenced a 3-month stay in China’s Space Station. Their task is to unpack supplies + prepare for future visits + scientific research.

China intends to send a crewed mission to Mars by 2033 and plans five crewed astronaut missions to the Red Planet between 2033-2043 – said Wang Xiaojun, Head of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

Wang said on 24 June 2021 that China would, first, have to return soil samples from Mars + conduct other robotic missions before sending astronauts or building a research base on the Red Planet.

Significantly, Wang described the expected 3rd phase when trips to Mars become commonplace including the use of multiple space stations to form a “sky ladder” of stops along the route.

US law has banned NASA from working with China’s space programme since 2011. There is a political point here. Has the US “de-coupling” from China in Space achieved its political goal of arresting China’s progress to become the #1 Power in Space. The answer is No.

It poses another question – Will the US goal of “de-coupling” from China on Earth achieves its political goal of arresting China’s progress to become the #1 Economic Power?

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