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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.

Plans are afoot for US (Antony Blinken/Jake Sullivan) and China (Wang Yi/Yang Jiechi) to meet in Alaska.

Who will blink first?

Intriguing encounter. Balance of power has switched as evidenced by Biden’s comment after his first phonecall with Xi when he said “he will eat our lunch”. The US recognises – more clearly now than ever before – that the US sees itself as being in competition with China. That is a significant change in the scales of political and military balance.

The US is wrestling with many new “truths”. China is not going away. China is getting stronger. China is growing in influence. The US can posture but “facts speak louder than words”. China’s rise is remorseless.

How to deal with it? Knock it back?, War? possible but risky. We know where it starts but where does it end?

China is not free from problems going forward. People’s expectations – will they be met? Can China handle setbacks without trouble on the streets?

Will the US side refer to genocide allegations and risk a Chinese walk-out? does US have unity with EU re China strategy?

The world watches while the two giants meet.

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