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UK Ambassador to China Rebuked by China

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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.

UK Ambassador, Caroline Wilson, posted an article in China on WeChat entitled “Do Foreign Media Hate China” – explaining foreign media coverage of China.

Leaving aside the public spat – which starts with UK Ofcom revoking licence of Chinese state broadcaster CGTN – I want to focus on the UK press and genocide allegations.

There is nothing more serious than an allegation of genocide. The evidence relied upon by the West is based overwhelmingly on research of Adrian Zenz. The UK media knows – but does not disclose – that Zenz’s evidence has been massively exposed as untrue by Grayzone.

Is it “free speech” to keep the exposure silent + away from the public. The Ambassador knows about it – Dominic Raab also knows but both stick with the discredited information and thereby mislead the UK public.

Should this be a subject of enquiry?

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