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The FT’s Article – Ant’s $34bn IPO to propel Shanghai’s bourse past global rivals

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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.

“Understand China from China’s Perspective.”
Most struggle with this recommendation from former UK Prime Minister – Tony Blair. – and, as a result, fail to understand where China is coming from and what effect China’s rise will have on world affairs.

Too many people are too blinkered. too prejudiced, too anti-communist, too partial and too subjective.
They miss the message. They fail to see the significance of what is happening in the world. They place themselves on the margins – too uninformed to take part in the great debate about Whither the World? Whither China?

Some people think that understanding China means you subscribe to the policies of China. Not at all. But it does mean you become more equipped to comment on the direction of world affairs.

This morning’s posting reminds you of the bounce back of China from poverty, chaos, and destruction when it was the Sick Man of Asia in 1949 to 2020 as it stands as a beacon of economic development that makes it so attractive to investors.

As you eat your breakfast ponder about Jack Ma and what his rise to prominence means about China today.

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