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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
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Amnesia is selective. You forget what is convenient. What do I mean? On 6 January 2021 the US political centre was invaded by a mob. There was violence + 5 deaths. Washington + the World was shocked as tv film flashed around the world. That is remembered + recalled. What is forgotten + overlooked is the violence displayed by HK protestors when they invaded and destroyed with swinging axes/mallets parts of the the Legislature building in HK.

China remembers the violence of the mob + also remembers the silence of US/UK governments. No condemnation.

China has now acted. Never again will a mob – encouraged+reported as “human rights protestors” – be allowed to threaten China and HK, after all, is China

China’s response? Changes to the election law will prevent anti-China people in HK from trying to bring HK to a standstill. China tolerated peaceful protest for 8 months. Violence is another thing.

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