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China: Discussion and Debate

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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.

My “mission” is to encourage people to give more time to thinking, reflecting and analysing China.

I have taken a leaf out of the book of the UK former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, whose recommendation for a New Years Resolution as the world ushered in 2020 was “to understand China from China’s perspective”.

Too many people just cannot do it. They are often too fixed in their ways. Too one-sided. Too partial to see the same facts through a different lens. But if you don’t, you are putting yourself on the margins of the world because of your prejudice, your subjectivity, your pre-conceived ideas.

China is on the move. It is making big advances and bringing increasing prosperity to its people unimagineable twenty, even ten years ago. And yet we should not be surprised because China is only doing what it said it would do. It is all down in black and white print in the Reports of their leaders to the Party and to the State down the years – this is what is meant by the term “understand China from China’s perspective”.

Another point and here it gets a little personal. I like talking and speaking about China.

Events in the country of 1.4bn are so intriguing and with such important long term consequences to the people of the world. And to engage in debate and discussion about China – whether it is with people who agree or disagree with me is so stimulating. I love it. And always have done since my first 8 week visit to China in 1965

So a plea – let’s be hearing from you! Become a correspondent, take part in discussion about the issues that are aired on this site. Allow this site to become a focus of enquiry, debate, discussion – make it an area of lively interchange.

We all learn from a two way exchange. You will have your own views on the many different topics that have been covered in the postings hitherto.

You may have a query about China’s action in Xingang or believe that China is over-reacting in Hong Kong. You may feel that China is moving too slowly in the area of political rights or is acting provocatively in the S China Sea or is allowing the development of a rich/poor state.

Let’s just discuss. This is the place to do it because it is one of the few sites that airs the range of views necessary for quality debate.

I am happy to discuss these matters on a daily basis. And, bear in mind, we learn more from debate than we do from monologue. So cast restraint aside and commit yourself to print. I will read and respond with 24 hours – others may then read and the debate can then take off.

This is not an open invitation to anybody to exploit this website. The website exists for people interested in China and not people with another agenda. I will not allow the site to be exploited by anti-China elements. Good debate is quite another matter. Look forward to it.

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