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Watch CGTV and Learn About China

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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.

In recent days China’s TV Channel has been full of information about the recent plenum of the Central Committee of China. Press conferences, Dialogue with prominent Foreigners, and factual information about the Plenum and the plans for 2025 and 20135.

People often say to me “but do I know what is happening in China” and I say “tune into China’s TV” where you can follow world news, China news and information about developments in Africa and the other continents.

And you can see how China covers the News – how they report it – comments from foreigners  and much background information. It gives you a “big feel about China”

Of course it is a State station – not free enterprise and so its comments are more considered but allow for that and listen in and begin to understand how China is developing. See the film coverage; watch the street scenes; follow the holidays at Festival time and generally  build up a picture about the country and its people.

Remember Blair’s instruction – to see China from China’s perspective.

Some other points jump out of the film – how the leaders have moved from the octogenarians of 30 years ago to the septuagenarians and younger of today. China is now a meritocracy – only the best and the brightest will be admitted to membership of the Party. They qualify by tests and more tests – no “old pals act”. The Party members have to prove themselves capable of the high achievement of being admitted into membership and they expose themselves to rigorous examination. And being admitted as a youngster is only the beginning – you need to be tested and re-tested and that is right. The Party stands at the apex of power. It carries big responsibilities. Members will have to prove themselves worthy of membership.  Constantly they will be required to show that they have the qualities necessary to be a member of the Communist Party of China – 100 years old in 2021.

Another thing to look for are the street scenes, the cafes, the railway stations and the glimpses of everyday life. See where the Chinese go on holiday – where do they travel to for Festivals and how they enjoy themselves on the beaches. It is only a glimpse – not because the reality is hidden – but television only permits moving film. To know China – like any other country in the world – you need to walk the streets, mingle with the people, sit alongside them in the cafes, be huddled up close on the buses.

China is not static. It is in motion. So much is happening – so much endeavour and hard work and achievement and celebration. It is not hidden. The reality can be touched.

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