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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
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Kathy Warden is the CEO of Northrop Grumman, the US #1 defence contractor. She spoke this week at a virtual discussion on technological advancements in the US defence sector. She warned that US capability in advanced computing has “shrunk to an alarming level” in comparison to China‘s advanced computing level. It is an area, Warden said, in which China’s ability to progress its state of computing has made a significant impact. This has implications, Warden continued, for artificial intelligence, machine learning and advances in large scale computing.

Western governments focus on Xinjiang, human rights and, in a throwback to the Cold War of the 1950s,  to “Reds under the Beds”. China is always explaining its policy on Xinjiang, human rights and the new Cold War, but as these exchanges continue and relations deteriorate due to military build-up in East Asia, the attention of the world fails to notice the deepening embrace of China + the key levers of economic development in the approach to 2049.

China is a meritocracy with leadership in the hands of proven leaders who assume positions of leadership at increasing levels of importance – from village to county, to city, to province and then to Beijing and the heart of government. At each stage the leaders are tested, measure, evaluated and assessed for higher areas of responsibility. People emerge at the top who are skilled, experienced + attuned to the development of China. Exams, + only exams, secure entrance to the Party.

What skills are needed up and down the Party to lift one billion people out of poverty? They are the same skills that bring about a surge of development in advanced computing. One is linked to the other. The Party progresses by ensuring that ability rises to the top – unlike the West where a leader may be plucked from journalism or university without experience of government.

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