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Thursday 14th January 2021

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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.

China delistings have begun + such moves grab the headlines and enable politicians to “sound off” about China.

But as FT article today says “They are poor policy tools”. The goal is to slow modernisation of China’s armed forces by closing off access to US capital. But China has big assets and access to large pools of Asian capital. China’s progress will not be impeded.

Also, the ban on US purchases of China’s telecom companies will depress the shares in the short term and will lead to HK and other foreign traders buying shares on the cheap. US Investors Lose. World Investors Gain. Unless China blinks and flinches. And that won’t happen.

Trump’s no buy order, says Jesse Fried, Dane Professor at Harvard Law School, will not affect China’s military. He labels it “anti-China grandstanding”

Trump is in his final days. He has become desperate to land some blows. But, do not be deceived by the headlines. The US will continue to lose and China will continue to gain. Is this arrogance on my part? No – just hard headed economic reality.

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