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Sunday 17th January 2021

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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.

As we read today’s news, it is important to bear in mind the challenge that China presents to the US dominance of world affairs. We are all aware that a big change is taking place. China is on the “Up” and the US is on the “Down”. Trump + Pompeo have led the assault on the reputation of China – trying to damage its reputation at every juncture. “Reds Under the Beds”…China threatens Peace…China will Impose Dictatorship over Every Country”. And if all that fails, then “the Uyghurs”.

Today in the UK’s Daily Mail – a paper that has led the assault on China – the front page headline reads “America Points Finger at China Lab” – a replay of the argument that Covid is no accident but a deliberate move by China to weaken the rest of the world.

This is part of the Pompeo Plot to diminish China. The US is rattled and it talks up the “China threat” to try to beat off the China challenge. Tariffs and sanctions against Chinese companies +officials is part of the same tactic. China must be defeated.

China can handle the assault but we do well to keep our eyes “Wide Open”.

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