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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.


Post World War 2 the USA, inspired by Winston Churchill’s 1946 Iron Curtain speech at Fulton Missouri, and led by Senator Joe McCarthy who chaired the Committee of Un-American Activities, engaged in a Red Under The Beds policy designed to compel US citizens to disclose their political preferences and contacts. Today this is widely regarded as a low point of US Democracy.

“Reds Under The Beds” – RUTB – was an attempt to turn the USSR, a key ally in the War against Hitler, into a hated foe. A panic gripped America as secret and sinister investigations led to people being isolated + unemployed in large numbers. Suicides ensued as the USSR became Enemy No 1.

Today, in the minds of some well placed UK politicians + journalists, China is the New Enemy and people in the UK are being urged to be alert to the alleged attempt by China to take over + subvert the UK. The goal is alleged World Power – “China aims to rule the world. China must be stopped.”

Today in The Times the usual names appear with their familiar denunciations of China – Ian Duncan Smith and Tom Tugendhat. Not for the first time Huawei is accused of infiltrating a Cambridge University Research Centre. “Guilt by Association” – anyone with China links is seen as a willing accompanist of China’s supposed worldwide strategic aim to rule the world.

China, without one soldier outside China, and with just one naval base in Djibouti, is making remarkable progress and will shortly become the Largest Economy in the World. Its people have “Never Had It So Good” to echo Harold Macmillan. They travel the world in numbers + never apply for asylum. They enjoy a prosperity never imagined even 20 years ago. The Right wants to “de-couple” from China and obstruct its progress. That is the goal of the “Reds Under The Beds” policy.

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