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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.


Recently I completed a 16,000-word article on China + the Uyghurs. See attached video:]

I concluded that there is no genocide of the Uyghurs.

Tomorrow – 22 April 2021 – the UK House of Commons will vote that there has been genocide. But there is no evidence of killings. No death camps. No crematoria. No streams of refugees. There genocide in the Holocaust in WW2 + in Armenia during WW1 + in Rwanda in 1994 + Srebenica in 1996. Not in Xinjiang


1.There is no UN Report of 1m Uighur detainees in Xinjiang. There is one comment by Gay McDougall but no source for her comment.

2. Adrian “led by God” Zenz’s evidence is a shambles. See my article

3. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It was untrue

4. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution of 1964 claimed North Vietnamese vessels had attacked US warships in the Gulf of Tonkin. It enabled the US to unleash the Vietnam War. There was no attack on US warships. It was untrue.

Untruths were told to enable the US to go to war in Vietnam in 1964 and in Iraq in 2003. Untruths are being told re genocide of Uyghurs to prepare the ground for war on China.

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  1. What I wonder is what leads seemingly intelligent people, people who have passed stringent exams to get to where they are, and people who are not involved in politics to swallow all this anti-China rubbish wholehearted and continue to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

    • History is a great teacher – remember Hitler was voted into power.
      There were people who were not thugs or extremists who gave him their vote.
      They will have changed their minds – the 1000 year Reich lasted just 12 years
      Good to hear from you Martin


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