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Friday 25th December 2020

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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
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A Happy Christmas to My Readers who Celebrate the Festive Occasion

Rana Mitter is Professor of the History + Politics of Modern China at Oxford. In a recommended article published in Foreign Affairs, Mitter asserts that China today is a dynamic force “formed by the nexus of authoritarianism, consumerism, global ambitions and technology (ACGT)”.

ACGT has significance that extends beyond President Xi or the Covid pandemic, and Mitter urges his readers to pay attention to the major elements of Chinese power (ACGT) if they are to grasp an understanding of the direction in which China is headed.

This approach echoes former UK Prime Minister Blair’s recommendation that progress can be achieved if people make more effort to understand China from China’s perspective.

Today a new Cold War dominates with China cast as the Villain but Mitter advises; Go Behind the Rhetoric + the short-termism and look at the essential elements of China’s development if you want to have a grasp of the direction in which the world is going.

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