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Over the years, the Communist Party of China has governed with the use of different phrases that have given focus to the direction of the Country. “Power Grows out of the Barrel of a Gun” during the period of the Civil War against the Kuomintang; “The Working Class Must Exercise Leadership in Everything” during the Cultural Revolution; “Black Cat or White Cat – So Long as it Catches the Mouse” during the ascendancy of Deng Hsiaoping in the 1980s.

Today there is a new term to focus the energies of the People – “Common Prosperity”. But what does it mean?  Is it merely an attack on the Billionaires; or a conscience-stricken step in the direction of egalitarianism; or an awareness that as the economy develops and prosperity abounds, attention must be made to ensure sections of Chinese Society do not fall behind?

China was in trouble after the Cultural Revolution. The people were not happy. The Government needed to prove that, aside from the political jargon, there was an awareness that living standards had to grow. The imbalance in society was corrected – Capitalists were encouraged to flourish; homes were built; well-stocked shelves attracted new customers and lifestyles improved. But Indulgence + Extravagance also became a fact of life as Pop Stars and CEO’s basked in their achievements.

Today there is a correction – ask Jack Ma and the Stars who are paying big fines for tax evasion. Ask senior Party members in Hangchow whose relationship with Billionaires has come under searching scrutiny.  Ask top sportsmen/women whose wealth accumulation is the subject of investigation and repayment.

At the core of the new priorities is the Party and a determination to build Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. The Party serves the People – not a Clique or Money or even Party Members. Its target is to defeat Inequality + Unfairness and to promote Common Prosperity.

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