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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.


The issue of Ukraine dominates political discussion as governments weigh up the next steps in the War + and predict the likely outcome. Who will win? Who will lose? + what are the consequences for world politics of the eventual political settlement? This is aside from the tragedy of the loss of life + physical destruction that War brings.
There will be consequences + adjustments; recrimination + blame allocation; mourning for the dead + assistance for the injured.

Standing back + looking at global politics, however, it remains the case that the key number one issue for world affairs remains the rise of China + the reaction of the US to its relegation to #2 economic superpower.

China will continue to develop – with adjustments resulting from the reduction in trade activity between nations as a consequence of the diversion of resources to provide for the Ukraine war effort. China’s goal is not to become the #1 economic superpower – that will happen in any event as a result of the path on which China has been set for so many years – certainly since 1979 + the introduction of Deng Hsiaoping’s policy of Reform +, also, further back to the days of Mao Tsetung, the Long March + the caves of Yenan in the 1930s.

But achieving #1 status is not China’s goal. China does not grow + develop for the purpose of becoming the top economic power – that may be a consequence of its progress but it is not the goal.
China’s target is increasing prosperity and stability – the two keywords that underline the actions, goals, + intentions of the government of China. China is engaged in an enormous experiment + no country has ventured where China now treads. Its goal is to achieve greater well being for its people. The Sick Man of Asia in 1949 aims to become a prosperous + stable nation for its 1.4bn people + along the way China will become the #1 economic superpower.

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