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I return to an issue that continues to be unaddressed by Western Critics of China – the comparative low/high Covid death figures in China and in the US/UK.

John Pilger a well known commentator on international issues writes;-
“China-bashing is in full cry. China’s covid zero tolerance has problems, but the truth is it has saved an enormous number of lives. In China 5,223 have died from Covid. In the US, 1,104,836 have died from Covid. In Britain, the Government sent thousands of elderly to their deaths. Whose freedom?”

World Population Statistics provide the following population figures for China (1,439,323,776), the United States (331,002,651) and the UK (68,742,691). In all three countries there has been varying degree of civic resistance to Government action and in recent days we have seen on television street protests in China to lockdown policies. When it comes to China, the West focuses exclusively on lockdown measures and is silent on the remarkable saving of lives in China – compared with the US and UK. Why?

Why do you sit awkwardly when such figures are known to you?

When it comes to China, the West talks up the Bad and talks down the Good. One-for-one comparisons between countries need to take into account the different starting points – in 1949 Prime Minister Attlee was coming to the end of his six years in office in the UK and President Truman was approaching his half way mark as President of the US. And China has gone from being the widely labelled “Sick Man of Asia” (destitute and impoverished at the end of World War 2 and the end of the Third Revolutionary War against Chiang Kaishek) and, now in 2022, about to become the largest economic power in the world.

Western media reporting constantly bad-mouths China – see the Covid death figures. Those of us who call for fair reporting constantly highlight the West’s double standards and nowhere is it more stark than in refusing to give China credit for its success in keeping Covid deaths to a minimum.

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