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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.


In recent days I have focused on three areas of challenge for China going forward. First, widening wage differentials + Billionaires; Second, the danger of less/non-educated workers being left behind as robots, computers + artificial intelligence play a bigger role in the economy; Third the problem of rising expectations as China’s population enjoy a better life. Will the Chinese become soft + selfish?

Critics of China will see other issues – the authoritarian nature of democracy; the Uyghur issue; unbalanced development; richer/poorer provinces; a US counter-response.

Life is never plain sailing. Government is not easy. Do Western democracies work but only in the short term? Does the political rivalry between parties competing in Elections every 4/5 years conflict with the need for stable + continuous economic development?

The West say that freedom, democracy + protection of the people from the arbitrary government can only be assured by regular elections. Anything less leads to the corruption of democracy as governments, freed from the accountability of regular elections, become tyrannical, detached + self-serving.

The challenge of China + its success going forward does ask questions about the meaning of democracy. 730,000 Covid deaths in the US/UK raises basic questions about the ability of two leading democracies to protect its people. At the same time, China’s system of government needs to assure people that it remains accountable, open and responsive to challenge going forward.

The role of the Party is key. Despite the Cultural Revolution and the Tian’anmen deaths, China has emerged confident, content and prosperous. Much is due to the effort + hard work of the People. Much is also due to the far-sightedness of the Communist Party – a feature that is always missed by the West.

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