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Graham Perry
Graham Perry
Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer.


You know the story. Trump imposes tariffs, exclusions, trade barriers on China. Why? To punish China for challenging the US #1 position as the leading economy in the world. China cannot be allowed to succeed. Bring them to heal! Trump loses the Presidency but with 74m votes. Biden, thinking of a Second Term, dare not give Trump mileage by being seen to be soft on China so Democratic Washington follows Trump. “Curb, restrain, impede China” remains the policy in the White House.

But Business wants China. Wall Street wants China. It is a growing market, a stable country with strong Regulators to keep the Capitalist Billionaires in check. So, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, AstraZeneca, Roy Dalio invest more, not less, in China.

Further evidence that the US policy of “De-Coupling From China” is not working comes with the announcement that China now has more Apple suppliers than any other country. Washington’s efforts to untangle the US and Chinese supply chains have had no effect on the World’s Most Valuable Tech Company.

Of Apple’s top 200 suppliers in 2020, 51 were based in China, including Hong Kong according to a Nikkei Asia analysis – up from 42 in 2018. The Apple Supplier List covers 98% of Apple’s spending on materials, manufacturing + assembly.

Apple is known for its rigorous quality standards and the rise of Chinese suppliers is evidence of China’s growing manufacturing + technology capabilities.

Where To With De-Coupling?. Recall the oft-quoted account of King Canute at the water’s edge determined to stop the tide. He failed.

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